About Our Private Duty Nursing Services

Private duty nursing services offer personalized, one-on-one medical care provided by registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) to individuals in the patient's home or a healthcare facility (such as nursing homes, rehab facilities, hospitals, schools etc). These services are tailored to meet the specific medical needs of patients with complex health conditions, chronic illnesses, disabilities, or post-surgical recovery needs.

Examples of Services

  • Skilled Medical Care: Private duty nurses deliver skilled medical care, including medication administration, wound care, injections, catheter care, tracheostomy care, ventilator management, and monitoring vital signs.
  • Disease Management: Private duty nurses assist in managing chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory conditions, neurological disorders, and autoimmune diseases. They educate patients and caregivers on disease management strategies, monitor symptoms, and coordinate with healthcare providers for optimal care.
  • Post-Surgical Care: Private duty nurses provide comprehensive post-operative care, including monitoring surgical sites, managing pain, administering medications, assessing for complications, promoting wound healing, and facilitating rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Ventilator and Respiratory Support: For patients requiring ventilator support or respiratory therapy, private duty nurses offer expertise in ventilator management, tracheostomy care, airway clearance techniques, oxygen therapy, and respiratory treatments to optimize breathing function.
  • Complex Care Needs: Private duty nurses are trained to address complex care needs such as feeding tubes, central lines, IV therapy, dialysis, ostomy care, neurological assessments, seizure management, and specialized pediatric or geriatric care.
  • Patient and Family Education: Private duty nurses provide comprehensive education to patients and their families on medication regimens, disease management, self-care techniques, safety precautions, recognizing signs of complications, and navigating healthcare resources.
  • Emotional Support: In addition to medical care, private duty nurses offer emotional support, compassion, and empathy to patients and their families. They build trusting relationships, listen to concerns, address anxieties, and promote emotional well-being.
  • Care Coordination: Private duty nurses collaborate with physicians, specialists, therapists, social workers, and other healthcare professionals to ensure coordinated and integrated care. They communicate patient progress, changes in condition, care plans, and treatment goals for continuity of care.

Additional Information

Who is eligible?

Patients who require ongoing nursing care on a daily basis are given private duty nursing services. Based on the patient’s diagnoses and required levels of expert care, care needs are identified. Our group of professionally trained nurses supports families by fostering the health at home of your medically fragile loved ones.

We collaborate with your loved one’s doctor to create a personalized treatment plan, and we then support you by providing training and education aimed at enhancing your family’s quality of life as a whole.

How Home Health Care Can Be Useful

The mission of Easy Help at Home is to give your family top-notch medical care in the security and familiarity of home. Young patients can receive daily hourly attention from our compassionate nurses and clinical team. We are here to work alongside you in meeting the special requirements of your kid and assisting them in getting over daily challenges and restrictions

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